Pinterest Marketing

Despite being launched in 2010, Pinterest is still considered to be one of the newer Social Media platforms. In the seven years since it launched, Pinterest has gained a very large following, and today boasts more than 176 million active users. 

Pinterest is a very unique Social Media platform in that it centres around curating content and sharing ideas from all over the internet, rather than sharing personal experiences and thoughts. Another thing that sets Pintrest apart from the other major Social Media platforms is the heavy gender bias in it's user base. Female Pintrest users outnumber males by more than 5 to 1, making up 85% of the user base. Due to these factors  a unique approach to successfully marketing your brand is required. While the platform does present challenges, they are far outweighed by the potential rewards. Pintrest boasts some impressive statistics when it comes to making the all important conversion from fan to customer, for example: 83% of Pinterest users prefer to follow notable brands or celebrities; more than 50% of Pinterest user make more than $55K USD per year; Pinterest has a 50% higher conversion rate than any other Social Media platform; more than 55% of online shoppers identify Pintrest as their favourite Social media platform, and Pintrest users spend and average of 33% more on each purchase than other Social Media Platforms.

Social MEdia MArketing With Pinterest

Pinterest users who follow a link to your product are 50% more likely to purchase that product than users who click through to your product page from other Social Media websites. To capitalise on this, Pinterest has taken steps to make their platform conducive to marketing. With features such as Rich Pins, making Pinterest the perfect platform to showcase your brand's products. 

Rich Pins offer a way to include extra information about the product that you have pinned. For clothing brands, for example, you can include the sizes your clothing is available in, or the different colour a product is available in. You can also include information such as price, information about the app that your brand just launched, a map with directions to your business, a recipe you've just created, or you can share an entertaining and engaging video with your online audience. these features allow you to make a bigger impact with your audience, and increase the likely hood of them passing your content on to their circle of influence. 

Pinterest is a social media marketing giant

On top of all this Pinterest generates a higher number of click-throughs than any other platform, and the average post stays active for 3 months, compared to the 30 minute shelf life of a tweet on Twitter. All of these statistics build a good case for marketing your brand on Pinterest, and are the reason Pintrest is the Social Media platform that we most recommend for our clients.

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