Pinterest Lite

Pinterest Lite

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Our Pinterest Lite package is the perfect introductory package for a brand or business who is just getting started with Social Media Marketing on Pinterest. 

Our Pinterest Lite package is a weekly package which includes:

  • 5-10 Pinterest pins per day 3 days/week.
  • Manual pinning at 5 intervals each day.
  • Responsive interaction with your Pinterest audience.
  • Interactions with Pinterest influencers and appropriate Pinterest pages and brands.
  • Initial set up and optimisation of your Pinterest Page.

When you purchase our Pinterest Lite Social Media Marketing package, we will provide you with a document containing carefully curated content to pin to your Pinterest page. Included in this document will be unique pin descriptions meant to engage with your audience and entice readers into clicking on the content that we will be sharing on Pinterest. 

To learn more about SoBu Social Media Marketing's Pinterest marketing packages, please contact us here