Copywriting + Blogging

Copywriting + Blogging

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When you commission a blog from us, you are investing in great content for your brand or business. All of the blogs that we create are 100% original work written right here in Australia by a member of SoBu Social Media's copywriting team. 

We are able to write a blog on any topic and the price includes all necessary research. In crafting blogs for our clients, SoBu Social Media Marketing's copywriting team writes every blog to completion. This means, we're not counting words. Instead, we are focusing on writing a brilliant blog that is well written and engaging. 

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All of the blogs we create are well researched and written to be read by your brand’s online audience. At SoBu Social Media Marketing, we do not write solely for the purpose of including keywords, but instead use relevant keywords to create an interesting and action-inspiring piece that will engage and inform the visitors to your website. By creating engaging content that draws attention and interests readers enough to share with their Social Media circles, our blogs increase your website’s ranking with Google and increase exposure to potential customers and clients. Increased exposure leads to greater lead generation and conversion, and in turn an increase to your company's bottom line.

When you consider that 91% of Google users do nsearch past the first page of a search engine results page when using the search engine, and 50% of user do not even make it past the third result, it is clear why increasing your rankings with Google is so very important for the success of your website.

Google’s current pagerank algorithm draws on over 200 factors when calculating a page’s ranks. While Google does not release any specific information about how their algorithm works, extensive trial and error by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) professionals reveals that while keyword density is a factor, time spent on each page, and both the number and quality of inbound links, (which are links to your content from a source outside your website) are also heavily weighed in the calculations of the rankings. This is why content that is both read and shared by your website’s visitors is so important. When a blog is shared via multiple users on their own Social Media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram, and through others sources such as content sharing sites like Reddit or Buzzfeed, this signals to Google’s algorithm that the content, and by extension the website containing it, is bother relevant and important.