Content creation and curation are all about telling your story and getting your brand’s message out to online audiences. We use our powerful Social Media analytics to dictate the content strategy that we implement for your brand across all of your Social Media platforms.

We employ the use of content creation; that is, original brand-specific content created exclusively for your brand; interwoven with carefully curated, on-brand and trending content from around the internet to entertain and engage while expanding your brand’s online reach.


The content that SoBu creates for your brand includes unique and attractive photography, on-brand graphic design, branded artwork, well written and engaging blogs and so much more. 

We implement a carefully planned approach to content creation strategy. Guided by our powerful analytics, our content strategy is always dictated by your brand’s audience engagement. What resonates with your audience is recreated and improved upon so as to be of value to your audience and thereby to ensure engagement.


The primary goal of Social Media Marketing is to get your brand’s message out by being of value to your audience. Our content curation strategy focuses on sharing valuable and useful content from all over the internet. We go a step further by carefully selecting content that is in line with your brand’s purpose and message.

Our content curation strategy also builds a relationship between you and the content’s creator. Sharing someone else’s content helps to get your brand noticed by influencers in your industry or niche market. 

SoBu pays careful attention to the creation of a content curation strategy. We use our powerful analytics to find and target influencers in your niche market so we can be sure we are sharing the most relevant and engaging content with your audience. We also use analytics to dictate what type of content we share by carefully measuring what resonates with your audience and then improving upon it.


We offer blogging packages for your brand to help develop your own content which can be shared in order to generate leads, drive traffic to your website and to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche market.