Blogging + content creation

Engaging and action-inspiring content is the corner stone of successful digital marketing. You might have a great website, an awesome Social Media presence, but without content, it will all fall apart. 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy in which your brand shares useful and engaging information that adds value to the lives of your ideal online audience. This form of digital marketing is unique from traditional marketing in that it involves a pull, rather than a push. What we mean by that is, by creating and sharing the best possible content, you draw your customers and clients to your brand, rather than pushing yourself onto potential customers. In this way, you are able to target potential clients and customers and pull them to you with unique and engaging content which you share via your website and various Social Media platforms.

why should my brand blog?

Creating unique content, in the form of a blog, is a large part of content marketing.

Blogging provides an opportunity for your brand to share information about your products or services and is a platform from which you can share valuable information with your ideal online audience. The more pertinent your content is to the audience you are hoping to target, the more that audience will engage with and interact with your brand which works to create a personal and individualised experience on the part of your audience. Additionally, creating blog content helps to cement your brand as an expert in your niche market which adds a sense of trust to your brand's interactions with your online audience.

drive traffic to your website with a blog

Conversion is a term which refers to the act of converting ordinary people into your brand's clients or customers. The place where the most conversion is going to happen, will be on your website. If your audience cannot find your website, however, the lack of traffic will result in a lack of conversion. This is where a well managed blog comes in handy.

Driving traffic to your website is one more benefit of blogging. A well crafted blog will be peppered with pertinent keywords, and will be chalked full of useful information that your target audience will find valuable. In this way, your blog will help attract Google's attention and the search engine will return your website in more search results and will place your webpage higher up when someone performs a search for a term relevant to your niche market.

SoBu Social Media Marketing offers customisable blogging packages that are designed to meet your brand's unique needs. To find out how our digital marketing experts can take your brand beyond followers, we invite you to contact us here. One of our Social Media account managers will be happy to answer and question you might have. All enquiries will be answered within 24 hours.