What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

An effective Digital Marketing campaign is essential to the success of any modern business, but what exactly is digital marketing?  

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses marketing strategies which employ digital mediums. This includes Social Media Marketing, Search engine optimisation and Influencer Marketing. When properly used these powerful tools can be used to create and run highly effective Digital Marketing campaigns, which translate into increased brand awareness, increased customer reach, greater conversion rates, and higher sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a fairly new phenomenon, but it is clear from the size of the users bases of these platforms that it is here to stay.

Social Media comes in many forms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Google+. These websites allow users to connect with each other directly and share information in real time.

Each Social Media platform has it’s own, unique approach to content creation and sharing. For example, YouTube is a video sharing site, allowing users to post videos on their personal channels. Users subscribe to channels they enjoy and are informed when these channels release new videos. With 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, and 5 billion video views every day, YouTube reaches more 18-45 year olds than the top 10 U.S. cable television channels combined.

The impressive numbers YouTube boasts are far from standout, with most platforms counting their active users in the hundreds of millions. The potential audience of Social Media is staggering.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is another type of Social Media which focuses on sharing photos. Instagram encourages users to capture and share moments in their lives immediately via their smart phones.

Users of Instagram ‘follow’ their friends to keep in touch, and also follow celebrities, public figures and brands who capture their interest. Instagram is a great example of the one-on-one connections Social Media allows your brand to have with customer.

For example, if a customer posts a photo of them using your product or commenting on your service, your Social Media manager can comment on this photo, creating a positive interaction which inspires brand loyalty in the customer, and showcases your brand to all their followers.

Build Brand Awareness With Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a very powerful tool for building brand awareness because it allows small scale interaction with customers which is seen by a wide audience.

It also gives invaluable insights into exactly what people are saying about your brand, and gives the opportunity for your brand to join the conversation and address potential issues before they become negative press.

The key to running a successful Social Media Marketing campaign is creating and curating quality content that user will want to see, and will attract people to your brand. Managing quality interactions with customers that make them feel your brand really cares about them is also important.

Our account managers here at SoBu Social Media Marketing work tirelessly with our graphic designers, web developers, SEO experts and copywriters to create content that stands out and perfectly reflects the ideal image for your brand. They also manage interactions with customers in a warm and professional manner, turning every comment and question into a chance to grow brand loyalty.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique used by Digital Marketing managers to increase a website’s ranking with search engines. The higher a pages’ rank, the higher it appears on the list of websites in a search engine results page. Considering that the first result returned by Google is clicked on by 35% of users, and that only 6% of users ever click onto the second page of search engine results, where you rank in the list is very important.

No matter how fantastic your product or service, how slick your website, or how compelling your content, if you are not among the top results on Google, you simply will not get the traffic you need to your website to convert sales.


The algorithms Google uses to rank pages are extremely complicated, and are designed to be almost impossible to fool.


In the early days of Google, Yahoo and other search engines the way they ranked pages was based on a simple keyword count. This lead to what are referred to as "black-hat" SEO techniques like adding huge lists of related keywords hidden in the coding of pages, or articles which made no sense but contained many keywords being published all over the web.

Google’s development team wised up to these tricks which add no real value to a site and changed the game. Google still uses keywords to rank pages, but now uses sophisticated technology to analyse how these words are presented, and only acknowledges words contained within coherent and meaningful content.

Google also takes into account the amount of time users spend on a page after being directed there, the number of pages on a site viewed during a visit, and how many times pages link to the website as a measure of it's value to online audiences. This all amounts to only pages that have meaningful and engaging content being ranked highly on Google searches.

SoBu's SEO expert consults with our account managers to ensure all content added to websites via blogging is setup to increase the website’s Google ranking in order to gain more web traffic.

Influencer Marketing

The strength of Social Media lies in its ability to bring people together. It does this by creating networks of people joined by common threads. These threads can be a common interest, a location, having shared a common experience or almost anything else you can think of that people might bond over or talk about.

Certain individuals, through popularity, will end up being central to these networks, and through their likeability and engaging content they will gain huge online followings.

The people with huge online followings are known as Influencers, and they can be a powerful marketing tool for your brand. By finding Influencers within your brand's niche market, and having them engage with your Social Media accounts you broadcast your message to their entire following.

This type of reach is more powerful than a typical banner advertisement or Social Media post because it comes with the endorsement of someone the audience already likes and trusts. This recreates the highly sot-after ‘recommended by a friend’ type of endorsement which carries a lot of weight with consumers.

SoBu Social Media Marketing finds key Influencers within communities which will relate to your brand and engages them to promote your business. We ideally do this by offering free samples of a product or service to try, as this creates the most honest and relatable endorsement. Alternately we compensate them for their endorsement, treating them as spokespeople for your brand.

Find out What SoBu Social Media Marketing Will do For You

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Our digital marketing campaigns are completely customisable so you get everything you need and pay for nothing you don’t. Every client is assigned an individual account manager to ensure there is always someone on hand to answer your questions, and make sure you receive a boutique experience.

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