5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Instagram

Instagram is a huge asset that you need to add to your digital marketing toolbox. With over 400 million active users, 60% of which login every day, Instagram is second only to Facebook in audience size and global reach. While Facebook might have a larger audience, when it comes to growing the online audience of a brand, Instagram is the king.

Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than engagement with brands on Facebook and 80 times higher that Twitter. What is more, Instagram users are 70% more likely to make purchases with their mobile phone than non-users. Taking this into account it’s easy to see why over 50% of all brands have an Instagram account.

The number of brands using Instagram as a platform to connect with their fans is projected to increase. Many Social Media experts expect that as many as 70% of brands will maintain an Instagram profile in 2017, and that 90 of the top 100 worldwide brands will remain active on Instagram.

So the benefits of Marketing your brand on Instagram are clear, but where do you start? We have compiled our top 5 tips for marketing your brand on Instagram.

5 Tips That Will up Your Social Media Marketing Game on Instagram

Know your platform: Instagram is primarily about sharing photos and images. While you can share videos it is not the core of the platform, but this is changing.

Photos typically get more likes than video posts, but videos receive more comments. A like is as simple as double clicking the image, while a comment requires scrolling down and typing out your thoughts, which shows a deeper level of engagement. When deciding on the media to use for a post, consider what you want the post to achieve. If the post is a quick snippet of information, or an eye catching branded asset then an image is well suited. For larger parcels of information, such as a new product launch, then a video will gain more focused attention.

It is best to post both types of media to your Instagram profile. At SoBu Social Media Marketing, we recommend posting mostly images on your Instagram page, and peppering them with a few on-brand and engaging videos.

Know your Audience: Knowing and understanding your audience is the cornerstone of marketing across all mediums. You can’t engage with an audience you know nothing about, so researching your target audience (AKA potential customers) is vital.

Identify your audience and tailor your Social Media Marketing strategy on Instagram to them. This includes knowing what times they are most active on Instagram, what style of post grabs their attention, the type of language they respond to, and which key Influencers they are most likely to relate to.

Social Media analytics offer a wealth of consumer information, right at your fingertips, allowing you to gain huge insights into your target audience and perfect your digital marketing strategy. Analytics are the most powerful tool in our arsenal here at SoBu Social Media Marketing, we use the information to plan, guide and evaluate all our Social Media campaigns for our clients, and we use them as a foundation of success to build upon.

Create Quality Content: This is another marketing tip that extends across all Social Media platforms.

Users are supplied with an unimaginably huge amount of information on Instagram, with literally hundreds of millions of accounts to choose to follow. If you want to get noticed you need to be adding value to user’s experience. This can be done in many ways including stunning images, funny quotes, impressive videos, or anything else that will gain the attention of your particular audience.

By creating content that users want to see, you will gain engagement and organic audience growth as your content is shared among users.  

Interact with your Audience: The true power of Social Media as a marketing tool is the ability for brands to engage their customers one-on-one in a very personal manner with minimal effort or investment.

Responding to comments by users on your brand’s posts, or commenting on posts of theirs that involve your brand creates a powerful interaction that promotes brand loyalty and shows that your brand really values its customers.

This kind of personal interaction also allows the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive, if you come across an individual who is displeased with your brand, by directly addressing a customer's concern or complaint.

When interacting with your Instagram followers it is very important to stay professional and on-brand, having an experienced Social Media manager handle interactions on your account is a sure-fire way to avoid Social Media Marketing blunders that can reflect negatively on your brand’s image.

Run Instagram Hashtag Contests: Running a hashtag contest is an excellent way to inspire user generated content for your brand.

A hashtag contest involves setting a specific hashtag for users to include in their Instagram posts in order to enter the competition. The hashtag chosen can coincide with a new product launch, a new service offered, a new location opening or anything else you wish to promote. The conditions of the post can also be stipulated, take for example, this post that we created for out clients, Essential Life Aromatherapy:

“Post a pic of how Essential Oils improve your life and tag it with #LiveWell #LiveNaturally for your chance to win a $100 Essential Oil prize pack”

In this instance, once the winner was announced, we had them post about how happy they are with their prize. This only served as added exposure for Essential Life Aromatherapy.

These competitions are extremely cost effective when you compare exposure to the cost of the prize offered.

Going Beyond Followers With SoBu Social Media Marketing

At SoBu Social Media Marketing, we are experts at marketing on Instagram to get the attention of our clients' online audiences. In as little as two months we were able to engage with an audience of more than 4,000 user on Essential Life Aromatherapy's Instagram page. We have also had great success engaging with audience on behalf of the Burn Survivor Resource Community, on their Instagram page.

To learn more about how SoBu Social Media Marketing will take your brand beyond followers on Instagram, or to find out about our customisable Instagram marketing packages, contact us here. One of our dedicated Social Media account managers will be happy to answer any question you might have.