5 Digital Marketing Tips to Get Your Facebook Page Noticed

Create Engaging Content

Quality of Content is King: This is the most important thing to remember when running a Facebook Marketing campaign. It doesn't matter how well timed or well targeted your posts are, if they are not interesting you will not get quality engagement.

The vast majority of Facebook users spend the majority of their time browsing their newsfeed, not visiting individual pages. If your content is not unique and eye-catching it will fade into the background and your target audience will scroll right on by.

Always Add Something of Value: Every time you set out to create a new Facebook post, stop and think “what is this going to add to the lives of my audience?” There should be a purpose for each post that you create. 

Whether your goal is to make your Facebook audience smile, make them think, make them experience pangs of nostalgia, teach them something new, or engage them in some other way, it's imperative to make sure each and every one of your posts is adding something to their lives.

The worst possible response to a post is “meh”. Posts that add something are posts that get liked, shared, and engaged with, not simply scrolled past without a thought.

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Showcase What Makes You, You: Your Brand is unique, and no one else does things quite like you. To stand out from the pack of competitors on Facebook you need to showcase the individuality of your brand.

Find your niche on Facebook and work within it. Share pictures of customers using your product or service in unique ways. Crowdsourcing photos of people using your product or service to enhance their lives are worth their weight in gold.

Sharing interesting content from other sources is good, but getting your own unique content out there is unbeatable when it comes to growing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

It’s all in the Timing

Know Your Target Audience’s Facebook Habits: Knowing your target audience is vital to all aspects of Social Media Marketing, particularly when timing your Facebook posts for maximum engagement.

Posts aimed at busy professionals will likely be missed if posted at 10 AM on a Tuesday morning, and while 6 AM motivational posts work wonders for a fitness based brand, they will be wasted on an audience who is still soundly sleeping.

Knowing your audience will allow you to time your posts for when they are most active on Facebook, which will get maximum exposure and more engagement. You can learn a lot about your audience's habits by using Facebook Insights.

Not too Often, Just Often Enough: When scheduling posts for Facebook be careful not to over post.

Flooding your audience’s newsfeeds with content will undermine the quality of your posts and reduce their impact. Aim for quality over quantity and only post when you have something of value to share.

Posting an endless stream of low quality content will not only fail to increase your following, but will cost you followers as your audience tires of the endless bombardment of their newsfeed.

Put it All together

By following these tips and creating quality, unique, content that adds value to the lives of your audience and highlights what makes your brand special, and posting at times when your target audience is most active on Facebook, you will soon see your engagement skyrocket and your online presence grow.

Facebook is an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool, but with great power comes great responsibility so don’t squander the potential of Social Media with a poorly planned campaign.

Social Media made Simple

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