SoBu Social Media Marketing

SoBu's journey is all about our clients and that is where our story begins - with YOU.

At the time that SoBu came about, the industry of Social Media Marketing was rife with self-proclaimed Social Media Marketing gurus, ninjas, wizards and wingmen. These so-called experts claimed to have all the answers when it came to turning Social Media into a successful marketing avenue for the brands they worked with. While working as a private contractors, our co-founders worked with many of these Social Media Wizards and, unfortunately for the brands and businesses that paid good money to these wizards, their promises of success turned out to be as fictional as Gandalf. While many wizards had great ideas, their plans fell short of resonating with online audiences and there was no proper measure in place to demonstrate how the Social Media Marketing strategy of these wizards was performing.

Seeing that, time and time again, brands were signing on with Social Media Marketing companies with great ideas but little substance and no means of measuring the success of their efforts, our co-founders sought out a way to use Social Media Marketing to add real value to the brands that they had the privilege of woking with.

Social Media MArketing Backed By Analytics

SoBu Social Media Marketing's analytics based approach to Social Media was born out of the desire to add real value to the brands that we work with. It was the first time we asked ourselves the question that is the foundation of our brand: "how can we help our clients surpass their goals?" The answer was clear to us. We needed to create a Social Media Marketing strategy that married results, creativity and brand strategy in order to share our clients' story with online audiences in a single, cohesive narrative across all digital channels. 

In order to do this, our co-founders understood that we would need to constantly assess and then reassess various Social Media measurables to gage how online audiences were reacting to the Social Media strategy we implemented on behalf of our clients. The results of this constant analysis would then guide the direction we would take our clients' Social Media. By constantly assessing the results of the content we are sharing via Social Media, we create a platform of success which we build upon by understanding what works and what does not. To this end, we create daily reports so that we can then assess our previous day's work. We also create weekly and monthly reports which our helpful account managers share with their respective clients to guarantee utmost transparency in all that we do for your brand.

Going Beyond Followers

SoBu believes that Social Media Marketing is so much more than just gaining followers. While we do track followers and fan growth for each of our clients, we feel that a much more accurate indicator or successful Social Media Marketing and a far more beneficial behaviour in our clients' online community is interacting with the content that we share. We measure engagement, post clicks, shares and, most importantly, conversion, to determine the success of the content that we are creating and sharing for our clients across Social Media. We also use powerful analytic software and manual community tracking to ensure that your Social Media Marketing translates into brand loyalty and conversion.

Full service digital marketing

To help create a branded and cohesive narrative across all digital channels and in all aspects of our clients' online presence, SoBu has enlisted the help of professionals from a number of specialised facets of the digital marketing industry. In order to provide a more complete service, we now provide copywriting services, search engine optimisation, graphic design as well as web design for our clients.

Meet the SoBu Team

Lisa Kennedy Coming Soon

Lisa Kennedy

Co-Founder/Business Analyst

After attaining her master's degree in business, Lisa went on to found her own company where she often found herself working as a private contractor. While working in this capacity, Lisa met her fellow co-founders and it was after a client meeting that they went out for dinner and discussed the solution to their collective professional frustrations. 

It was at that meeting that SoBu Social Media Marketing was formed.

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Denise Bird

Co-Founder/Brand Manager

A native of Canada, Denise relocated to New South Wales after completing her undergraduate degree in graphic Design at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. It was in Australia that Denise attained a degree in digital and Social Media Marketing from University of Technology at Sydney. 

Denise oversees brand strategy for all our clients. 

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Val Westwood

co-founder/Web Design manager

Val came to New South Wales by way of the United Kingdom. Born and raised in Scotland, Val studied web design at the University of Edinburgh. After relocating to Australia with her partner, Val worked as a web developer and honed her skills as an SEO specialist and interned at the Creative Collective where she perfected her craft.

Val oversees web development and SEO for all our clients.

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sean mcclellan

co-founder/customer relationtions manager

After coming across many companys with no clear direction in the way they handled their clients' Social Media, Sean decided it was time to start his own Social Media Marketing company where talented marketers would be able to work in the best interest of their clients. Upon meeting with his fellow co-founders, Sean realised it was a perfect fit.

Sean is the head of SoBu's Customer Relations Department.

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Mark Wadell

SEO Manager

Mark attained his master diploma in SEO from The Knowledge Academy here in New South Wales. Before joining the SoBu team, Mark was involved in the SEO strategy of famous Australian brand, Arnott's. He later went on to work as part of the digital marketing team at Myer where he perfected his Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.

Mark handles all SEO for our clients.

SoBu_ Temporary picture..png

Britten Thompson

Senior Account Manager

Another Canadian native, Britten has a degree in communication and media studies from the University of Calgary as well as a degree in marketing from the University of Winnipeg. After completing University, Britten went on to achieve her master diploma in Social Media Marketing from Langara College.

Britten works with all of our account managers and oversees all client accounts.

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Sean Douglas

Graphic Designer

Sean is a native of Australia whose journey to graphic design is a meandering one. Having studied Psychology in University, he then went into marina management and had great success managing local marinas in New South Wales. After years in the marina industry, Sean turned to graphic design and has achieved stellar results.

Sean is responsible for the creation of all digital brand assets for our clients.

SoBu_ Temporary picture.-2.png

Chloe traynor

senior copywriter

Chloe is yet another Canadian native and she is SoBu's only remote staff member. She is based out of beautiful British Columbia. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Chloe is the heart and soul of the content SoBu creates for our clients. She is a dynamic writer with unmatched writing skills.

Chloe handles all of the copywriting and blogging for our clients.

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Emma Thompson

social media account manager/team development manager

While Emma is from England, she wants to make it clear, no, she is not the actress. Emma is, however, a talented Social Media Marketing professional who works one-on-one with one of SoBu's clients. Emma also has the distinction of being our team development manager. She is responsible for acclimatising all new account managers to SoBu.

Emma was SoBu Social Media Marketing's first account manager.